Why I Blog — Some Foodie Metaphors for Thought

Blog posts are like butlered apps at the internet cocktail party

Today’s post is about why I blog, who I’ve connected with, a thank you to readers, a celebration of how many countries I’ve managed to reach, and an open invite to people I haven’t yet found.

Creative Intermezzo

Foodgeeks defines an intermezzo as something that “cleanses the palate in between courses.” It’s something you consume that is “small, light, and refreshing.” Writing a novel takes a long time. (Sometimes, longer than you want it to!) For me, the process is quite lengthy. There’s all the prep work: designing characters & settings, creating premises & plots, thinking up all that GMC, writing the synopsis, first draft, second draft… You get the idea. It takes FOREVER. Sometimes, I just want to read something that gives me a quick, refreshing break. Someone else’s blog post, especially if it’s about something I’m interested in, is perfect!

Amuse Bouche

An amuse bouche is an “amusement for the mouth.” It’s served at the very beginning of a meal, not in between courses. Instead of cleansing the palate as an intermezzo would, the amuse bouche seeks to invigorate it. More than the intermezzo, the amuse bouche seems to be a reflection of the chef’s tastes or current interests. But unlike appetizers or intermezzos where guests may be offered some choice, all guests are served the same amuse bouche. As One Chef’s Odyssey said, selection of the amuse bouche is determined entirely by “the Chef’s discretion and creativity.” Sometimes (when I’m in the mood to use fancy food words in lieu of actually cooking), I think of my blog posts as amuse bouches. I try to be creative in what I offer and each post gives guests a peek at my writer’s voice and life interests. Hopefully, visitors will also find them invigorating!

Some of the Interesting People I’ve Found So Far

Yesterday I posted my answers to fellow blogger Justjacqui2‘s excellent questions in the 11 Questions Game. It was a fun exercise and also a chance to highlight some of the interesting blogs I’ve found since I started blogging. Since I first “went live” with this blog five months ago, I’ve connected with all sorts of fascinating people: writers, book reviewers, movie reviewers, poets, life enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and documentary filmmakers. It’s been great!!

I want to give a late shout out to a blog I should have tagged yesterday and didn’t: the Storytelling Nomad, written by Katy Hulme from down under, who recently traveled through five European countries in four weeks, posting an A-Z blog series the entire way. Her posts were charming and informative, accompanied by great pics, and well worth reading. Katy is currently working on her first fantasy novel. I told her I hope she keeps us updated on her new journey through future blog updates! (For all of you women fantasy writers and fans of female fantasy protags, she wrote a great article, Heroes and Heroines: Females in Fantasy, which can be found here).

Thank You to Followers and Blog Readers — 40+ Countries is Awesome!!!

Part of today’s post is also a huge THANK YOU to readers. I’m extremely grateful for each and every subscriber. I’m also happy to see that this blog is reaching an international audience. How thrilling it’s been for me to see visits from people in:

Australia, Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam

Future Connections

If you have a blog (or any other online presence) focusing on any of the areas below, feel free to ‘like’ this post or comment below so that I can find you!

  • Books: Are you a writer? Avid reader? Do you love fantasy, science fiction, supernatural thrillers, romance, and/or mysteries?
  • Movies: Do you love to watch movies? Review them? Are you a screenwriter or independent filmmaker?
  • Outdoor Adventures: I’ll admit, I can be an armchair warrior at times, but my family is into recreational flying and in the summer we like to hike, bike, boat, and camp.
  • Interesting Career or Hobby: Do you have an interesting career or hobby? Something that’s unusual or unique that people might be interested in learning more about? If so, please e-mail me or get in touch with me through my contact page. I’d love to discuss the possibility of interviewing you.
  • Authors: I’d love to start working in guest posts and more author interviews. If you are interested, please contact me. If we both feel the fit is right, it would be great to discuss a possible future post!

What about you? Do you blog? If so, why? If not, why not? Have any recommendations about who I should be connecting with? Are you a blogger that blogs about books, movies, outdoor adventures, or anything else that I might find inspiring? If so, give yourself a shout out.  I’d love to connect with you!

Published by

Jill Archer

Jill Archer is the author of the Noon Onyx series, genre-bending fantasy novels including DARK LIGHT OF DAY, FIERY EDGE OF STEEL, WHITE HEART OF JUSTICE, and POCKET FULL OF TINDER.

10 thoughts on “Why I Blog — Some Foodie Metaphors for Thought

  1. Your post is a great summary of what is so fascinating about bloglandia! I hadn’t thought about it that way before, but you are right. Sometimes it is a quick amusement, sometimes an in depth education. We are fortunate that so many freely share their wealth of experience through their blogs, aren’t we? (My blog about the island of Palawan, where we live in the Philippines was featured on Lesley Carter’s Bucket List Publications – that’s where I found your blog.)

    1. Hi Donna, I remember that post! The one on the Underground River, right? Pictures of places like Palawan are very inspiring to us fantasy writers 😉 — as well as being neat places we’d like to visit one day! Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked this post. Bloglandia’s a great place!

    1. Just visited your “O” is for Overdrive post. Very informative and something I need to look into. My late library fees are starting to resemble traffic fines! Thanks for stopping by when you are so busy with the A-Z challenge. I think it’s neat that your posts have all been focused on tech related topics.

  2. Loved the post! I’m both a food writer & an author (fantasy/paranormal romance), so totally appreciated your metaphors and explanation. I write two blogs — one is focused on food and the other is focused on fiction & inspiration. I’m not a prolific blogger, but rather blog when I feel I have something I’d really like to share.

    1. Hi Rashda, I’m not a foodie, but some of my friends are, which makes eating out with them fun. I’m very impressed with people who are adventurous in the kitchen. The part of their journey I love the most? The end! Sampling all that great food! 😀 Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hi, Jill! Now I remember why I registered to follow your blog. This was a great piece. I love complex, fun words. Mix them with food, throw in a metaphor, and you have me.

    Yes. I’m an author–not yet published–with a Contemporary Single Title in progress and two completed manuscripts awaiting rewrite. I’m stubborn. Both manuscripts generated requests for fulls, but failed to nail an agent. That sent me on a journey through rewrite hell without packing a clue on what I’d done wrong. Enter money well spent on conferences and craft classes.

    The only downside to those craft classes is that I wrote faster when I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Now, my inner editor (Gracie) comes out to play far too often.

    I’m also a blogger and still getting my legs under me in terms of frequency of blogs, content. Most are snark riddled, hence my tentative theme of Wonky Talk Gazette.

    I love connecting with writers, friends, and (hopefully) future readers as my network grows. If you don’t already follow her, take a peek at Sherry Isaac’s blog. Brinda Berry, a regular blogger on my site, also has fun, informative posts.

    1. Hi Gloria– Stubborn and tenacious are good qualities for writers to have! If you are at the ‘requests for full’ stage, then you’re doing great! Stick with it! I have learned an unbelievable amount from conferences, workshops, and online classes. Thanks for the tips on other blogs to check out. I follow Brinda already. (Love her!) I’ll have to look up Sherry Isaac. Thanks for the comment. Happy writing!

  4. Jill, I admit to being slightly miffed that you included nothing on Paleolitic eating. I expected some dinosaur references, comments about cavemen, and somehow a witty tie-in that linked it all together with fantasy writing. Perhaps that could be in your next post. A friend of mine has his own blog about Paleo food (and music), and he does an excellent job:
    You and your readers may find it interesting.

    I particularly enjoyed the link to Females in Fantasy, an article that raises some interesting questions. However, as to starting my own blog, you know very well that I do absolutely nothing that is remotely interesting; nothing that anyone would want to hear about, let alone spend precious minutes to read. “Nothing to see here!” I’ll be the guy at the party who most people need to be rescued from by a friend. I’ve installed an alarm in my house that reads, “In the event of interest, pull.” The cats actually set it off a couple of times when I started doing something blog-worthy, and boy were the firemen angry. I think I’ll leave the blogging to you.

    1. Shamus– You got me. Dinos will have to wait. It’s all I can do to keep my head above water now with revising book #2, line edits to book #1, scheduling guest bloggers… and still needing to transcribe that interview I did of you. How can you say you’re not interesting when I haven’t even posted that yet?!? You’re gonna blow my cover as a hard-hitting journalist. 😉

      But, seriously, you are far too modest. People always think they aren’t interesting when they are actually fascinating. I’m glad you enjoyed the article by Katy Hulme. Thanks for the link to The Paleo Drummer. You know I’m more of a carb girl, but even I wanted to eat at The Pickled Heron after his write up of the place! Maybe next time I’m in Philly…

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