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A dozen authors contacted me about doing guest blogs or author interviews this spring and summer. They represent a microcosm of the romance fiction publishing world right now: indie authors, small press authors, traditional print authors, bestselling authors, authors who are just breaking in, writers who have written dozens of books, others who’ve written just a few. They write in varied sub-genres, which illustrates the healthy diversity and reader choice that’s being offered in romance fiction today: Paranormal romance, urban fantasy, erotica, YA fairy tales, historical romance set in both the Victorian and Regency periods, time travel, and epic fantasy. Topics, too, will hopefully be just as varied. I can’t wait to see what they come up with! So get ready, readers and fellow writers, for the…

2012 Spring Into Summer Romance Book Blast — Starting Tomorrow!

Book Blast Fine Print: Some guest bloggers may be running contests or giving away prizes. Those contests and giveaways, if offered, are solely the responsibility of the guest blogger. (Any contest or giveaway I run will be described on my “Contest” page — I’m not currently running a contest or giveaway, but plan to later!) Okay, yada, yada, yada, that’s it. 🙂

7/3/12 UPDATE: I’m giving away a limited number of free Ace/Roc Science Fiction and Fantasy 2012 samplers. I’m also giving away one $10.00 Amazon eGift Card. To enter to win the eGift Card, tweet about the sampler giveaway. To request a sampler, and for details on the eGift Card contest, please see my “Giveaway & Contest!” page.

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Jill Archer

Jill Archer is the author of the Noon Onyx series, genre-bending fantasy novels including DARK LIGHT OF DAY, FIERY EDGE OF STEEL, WHITE HEART OF JUSTICE, and POCKET FULL OF TINDER.


    1. Hi Megan, thanks! Posted an article by Stacey Brutger on urban fantasy yesterday. Everyone’s been sharing favorite UF authors and paranormal characters. It’s been fun! Great to talk books with everyone. If you read UF or paranormal romance, stop by. I hope to do a darker themed Book Blast in the fall. 🙂

      Looking forward to keeping up with you through WP!

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