Bloodstorm’s Amber Kallyn: What in the (paranormal) world?

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Amber Kallyn, Author of Bloodstorm, a paranormal romance featuring a vengeful vampire and a sexy sheriff, is currently on a blog tour to promote her latest release. She’s here today to talk about her vampire heroine and the other Arcaine races in her book. Amber is giving away a $5.00 Amazon gift certificate to one lucky commenter today. Details on her giveaway (as well as details on an even bigger giveaway and the limited dates when you can download Bloodstorm for free) are below. 

Who’s afraid of the dark?

It’s the deepest, oldest fear, niggling down to the center of the soul.

Luckily, now we have light. 🙂

But that old fear remains, and one of the manifestations of that fear are monsters.

Devils, demons, vampires, shifters.

These creatures have evolved over the years into something a little less monstrous. Think of Dracula in Bram Stoker’s tale. Sure, he was a vampire. But his ongoing quest was to find his lost love.

Anyone other than me root for him?

Vampires and shifters in some stories have turned into not the monsters in the dark, but those keeping the darkness at bay.

One of the things I love the most about paranormal romance is the menagerie of characters. Creatures big and small, out of history or mythology, become real.

In Bloodstorm, my main character is a vampire. But there’s a whole host of Arcaine races.

Shifters, such as the werewolf pack warring with the vampire clan.

There’s also ghosts, demons, witches and fey.

Each Arcaine race is based on real-world myths, just changed a bit for my world.

For example, my vampires don’t follow the standard conventions.

They can get a tan, though the sun will weaken them. The whole Holy Water & garlic doesn’t do a thing except leave you with a cranky, wet vampire.

They drink blood, but a nice gourmet meal will help them keep that whole humanity thing going. A liquid diet can turn them into true monsters of the dark.

Stakes hurt, but to truly kill a vampire in my world, it’ll take a beheading.

They’re supernatural beings, fast and strong, but under it all, they still face the same emotional needs as anyone.

In the end, they want to belong and to be loved.

And for me, that’s the point of a romance, whether it’s two people falling in love, or two paranormal creatures. 🙂

More About Bloodstorm

A vampire must choose between love or revenge.

For two hundred years, Niki DeVeraux has been tracking the monster who murdered her family and made her a vampire. She finally catches up to him only to face more than she bargained for in a too-sexy sheriff who makes her remember she’s still a woman. With duties as Keeper of the peace and Sheriff, Shane Spencer must protect humanity and stop the friction between the local Arcaine races before it turns into an all out blood war.

When wolves start turning up dead, the tension between the races grows and suspicion falls on Niki. Shane knows she’s not to blame, and it has nothing to do with the primal urges she stirs within him. Working together, they must stop the hostilities from going over the edge. Trouble is, the desires raging between them might prove more dangerous than the surrounding threats.

Bloodstorm will be FREE at Amazon on May 7-9. Don’t forget to grab the e-book during this special sale! If you don’t want to wait, it’s also available now by clicking here.

More About Author Amber Kallyn

One of those rare breeds, Amber Kallyn is an Arizona native who can trace her family’s history through six generations in the state. She lives with her sexy husband, and their four very active children. Included in the menagerie are two cats (though there’s always room for more) and two dogs. We won’t count all the fish.

Amber loves the paranormal, from dragons to werewolves to vampires. She’s currently at work on her next book, probably running around the house acting out a fight scene with her collection of swords and daggers. Or maybe, wishing she had claws to practice the other fight scenes.

A voracious lover of the written word, Amber found at an early age that she could read fast. Really fast. She devours novels by the day, novellas by the hour, and is always looking to get her hands on more.

How to connect with Amber:

Details on Amber’s Giveaway

Amber says:

So here’s the scoop. I’m giving away a $5 Amazon gift certificate to one lucky winner at every stop in the blog tour. Just comment to be entered. See the details HERE.

And I’ll be giving away another $20 Amazon gift certificate to the reader who leaves the most comments on all the blogs I’ll be visiting. (If there is a tie, I will use to select the winner).

So readers, how about you? Are you afraid of the dark? Were you as a kid? Or were you the one telling all the scary stories at sleepovers or around the campfire? Did you root for Dracula in Bram Stoker’s classic tale? If not, have you ever rooted for any other paranormal creature? Amber said her vampires don’t follow the standard conventions. Have you read any other stories that play with traditional vampire myths in unusual or memorable ways? If so, we want to hear about it! 🙂 Amber, thank you for guest blogging today!!

Published by

Jill Archer

Jill Archer is the author of the Noon Onyx series, genre-bending fantasy novels including DARK LIGHT OF DAY, FIERY EDGE OF STEEL, WHITE HEART OF JUSTICE, and POCKET FULL OF TINDER.

33 thoughts on “Bloodstorm’s Amber Kallyn: What in the (paranormal) world?

  1. Amber, thanks so much for guest blogging today! Your hero and heroine sound like a couple with lots of chemistry. But I want to hear about these other Arcaine races! You mentioned your book has ghosts, witches, demons, and fey. I’d love to hear more about any demon from Bloodstorm and where you found your inspiration for that character.

    Also– The fact that you can trace your family history back six generations? Pretty cool!

  2. Amber, great post. I like romantic vampires. I rooted for Dracula and I’m not afraid of the dark. My husband is constantly reminding me to turn the lights on. LOL

    1. Hi Cynthia– Your post made me laugh. I’m not afraid of the dark either, but my husband’s constantly walking around behind me turning out lights! I’m all for energy conservation, but stubbing my toes and tripping over things isn’t fun either! 😀

  3. Amber- I like the little differences you’ve used to create your vampire mythology. I think the more a vampire might blend in with the rest of humanity (tans and gourmet meals), the scarier he/she will be. The scariest monsters are those that seem so normal until you discover they are not! Bloodstorm sounds great.

  4. Hi Amber! *waving* You are everywhere my friend. Love the storyline and I’m all over that sexy sheriff description. The conflict is certainly intriguing. Great job.

  5. I forgot to ask, my I post your book on my Facebook wall? I have a bunch of friends that love vamprie and shifter stories.

  6. Jill, thanks for hosting another fascinating author. Amber, it’s nice to “meet” you. Great post about the things that go bump in the night. I look forward to devouring Bloodstorm and am glad to see a heroine with fangs.

    1. Hi Megan– Glad you enjoyed Amber’s post. So far, the romance guest blog series has been tons of fun!! Thanks for following. Have a great week!

  7. And the winner of the $5 prize is Gayle C. Please email me amberkallyn (@) gmail (.) com to get the gift card 🙂 Congrats!

    Remember, the $20 prize for the person who comments on the most blogs during the tour is open until May 17th.

  8. I love vampire, werewolves and all things paranormal too 🙂 I’m sure your kids must love it when you’re running around with a plastic sword fighting dragons. My little boy would love that!

  9. Plastic swords? LOL. Actually, my real ones are for display. I practice with wooden ones, and we have a set of foam ones to actually fight each other 🙂

  10. I wasn’t really afraid of the dark except for Bloody Mary. My older scared me half to death with that when I was about 5. Lol.
    I always root for the vampire. 😉
    The story that comes to mind with a twist on vamps is Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter Series. She ties in a whole lot of different aspects to her world.
    I am currently reading BloodStorm and really enjoying it! 🙂

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