In between my last movie sampler (back in January!) and this one, I saw lots of Oscar nominated movies and, of course, I saw the Hunger Games. But all of those movies have been reviewed a million times by now and most of them require a huge emotional commitment. The movies below, on the other hand, deserve late mentions as movies worth watching — especially if you are looking for something light and fun that you don’t have to think too much about.

Have you seen any of these movies?


After the aforementioned Oscar nominated films, and then Anonymous and Drive (!!) I just wanted something frivolous. This 1984 do-over was perfect. I didn’t realize until I watched this ‘modernized’ 2011 version how much of the movie would NOT change. Entire sequences and whole portions of dialog were faithfully reproduced. Sure, now Ren has an i-pod and they race school buses instead of tractors. Honest Kids and Barbie now have prominent product placements. But the basic story is unchanged. I guess the story of a small town outlawing dancing is timeless. Nobody puts Baby in the corner! 😉

In Time

So this movie made me desperately want two things: an arm full of glowing green numbers that would tell me I could live forever and Amanda Seyfried’s ability to run in heels. Wow. Even on a sandy beach! Was that just masterful editing or is she just that good? I don’t agree with everything Melissa at Film Corner! said (I never thought the movie had any ‘profound existential and justice commentary’ to be undermined in the first place), but her post reviewing this movie was hilarious for pointing out the metaphor of huge clocks and huge… ahem, well, something else that rhymes with clocks.

Real Steel

Robot Rocky or Transformers meets Terminator 2 (the one where the Terminator kinda acts like a dad to John Connor… the one where Sarah Connor says, “Of all the would-be fathers who came and went over the years, this thing, this machine, was the only one who measured up”), doesn’t matter how you describe it, it’s ALL good. Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly had some decent chemistry together too. But, of course, their chemistry’s not the chemistry that counts in this story. It’s really the story of a boy and his robot. Well, the story of a boy, his robot, and his dad. Okay, fine. It’s really the story of a boy, his robot, his dad, and the girl who owns the gym where they all live…

Soul Kitchen

I guess I’m just a sucker for these foreign foodie films. What is it about them that is so enjoyable? This one’s about German restaurant owner, Zinos, and his romantic, fraternal, culinary, and entrepreneurial struggles. All of the characters are wonderfully eccentric: Zinos’ shady brother Illias, his less-than-loyal girlfriend Nadine, his new  egocentric chef Shayn, and the local patrons who truly love the bad food Zinos serves… The movie is cute and comical with a few scenes that are so over the top you can’t help but laugh out loud at the audacity of the filmmakers.

How about you? Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think of them? Have you seen any other fun and/or  completely un-thought provoking movies lately? If so, I want to hear about them! Have a great weekend, all!