E-book edition of Dark Moon is available for $0.99 this week.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Rebecca York, has written over 125 books and novellas. Her books are full of adventure, romance, suspense, and many have paranormal elements. She enjoys gardening, rock collecting, and travel. She even found a way to tie these three passions together. She told me, “My garden is full of rocks I’ve brought back from all over the world.” Neat, huh? Rebecca doesn’t just write about adventure — she lives it! Want to see some fun pics of her training for a secret spy mission in a glider? Or zip-lining through the Costa Rican rain forest? Then click here. She’s here to promote her latest werewolf book, DARK MOON, and she’s also giving away a copy of her Harlequin Intrigue, SUDDEN INSIGHT, to one lucky commenter.

The Weird, the Wonderful and Wolves! by Rebecca York

I was shopping in Ellicott City yesterday. It’s a charming little town near where I live in Maryland. If I were on a drive through upstate New York and I came across this place, I’d be bowled over by the 250-year-old stone buildings, the narrow streets and the unique little boutiques. (In fact, when asked where I get my ideas, I used to say I bought them from a little shop in Ellicott City. Now I just tell people that if you’re a writer, you WILL BE bombarded with ideas.)

One shop I love is the Forget-Me-Not Factory. It’s got all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff–from dragon and wolf ornaments to costumes I might want to wear at the RT Booklovers Convention. Yesterday, when I found a deck of cards with three howling wolves on the back, I snatched them up. They’re perfect for me. I love wolves, especially werewolves, of course.

Which brings me to DARK MOON, my latest werewolf tale. (Pun intended.) I wrote it to introduce my Moon series to new readers. And because I haven’t written a Moon book in a while, it’s a reintroduction to the series for my fans.

This time the sexy hero is Cole Marshall, a werewolf who works for Decorah Security. He’s being sent on a mission to rescue a young woman who was kidnapped by a business rival of her father and is being held captive on the Windward, a cruise ship that’s been converted into a pleasure palace for the rich and kinky. Cole’s got the assignment because his werewolf nose can sniff out the victim. And he’s paired with Emma Richards, who also works for Decorah Security. They’ve fought their attraction for each other. But in the sexually charged atmosphere of the Windward, their secret passion flares. Of course, Emma doesn’t know Cole’s werewolf heritage, and she’s going to find out in the worst possible way. Then what?

DARK MOON is also the start of a new series I’m writing. All of the agents who work for Decorah Security have paranormal powers or take on paranormal cases. In CHAINED (a novella) the heroine’s running from men who want to assassinate her and hooks up with a man she loved and lost. He’s desperate to protect her, even though he’s a ghost. Can you have sexually charged encounters with a ghost? You bet. And maybe there’s a way to bring him back to life for real.

The short story in the collection is AMBUSHED, about a witness to a terrorist plot and her sexy bodyguard. Of course, the terrorists want to kill her. He’s all business, except when he can’t keep his hands off her.

I’ve published the Decorah Security series myself, while still writing for Harlequin and now Sourcebooks (with a romantic suspense series coming out next year.) But I love the freedom that indie publishing gives me. I can write whatever stories I want, at the length I want, at the pace I want. And I’m answering to no one but myself, and my characters.

Because I’m promoting DARK MOON this week, it’s on special sale at Amazon. You can get the e-book edition for 99 cents.

Rebecca York

What’s your favorite paranormal kind of story? I love shifters, of course. But telepathy also turns me on big time. And then there’s the hero of the next Decorah novel, DARK POWERS. He’s Ben Walker, whom readers meet in DARK MOON. He can touch dead people and get their last memories. Fun for the reader, but not so much fun for him.

The DARK MOON e-book is available here and the paperback is available here. Want to connect with Rebecca online? She has a website and is on Facebook. Her Twitter handle is @rebeccayork43.

So readers, how about you? Have a favorite type of paranormal, otherworld, or supernatural story you’d like to share? Leave a comment to be entered to win a copy of SUDDEN INSIGHT. I’m not sure I could pick an all-time favorite, but I have to admit, after reading about the Decorah Security werewolf from Dark Moon, shifters are leading the pack. 😉