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Time travel stories are fascinating. I remember reading Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” in 5th grade. It was mind-blowing and provocative. Heady stuff for a fifth grader! Anyone who loves stories where characters take a journey through time as well as space has their own story about why they love them. When Selena contacted me about doing a guest blog, I asked if she was willing to share hers.

What would Daniel Boone think of jet airplanes, telephones, and microwaves?

Thank you for having me on your blog, Jill! I’m thrilled to be here.

In a matter of days, my time-travel romance, Never Let Go, will be available with The Wild Rose Press and on Amazon.com. It’s my first novella and I’m so excited about it! When Jill invited me to guest blog, she asked, What made me want to write time-travel?

Growing up, Mom planned educational vacations for our family. She loved reading and history, and it was only natural for her to incorporate learning on our annual adventures. Perhaps she wanted to see some of those places for herself too.

So we clambered over many forts, visited Presidential boyhood homes, and saw fragments of the original lunar landers in space museums. I stood where the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane. We explored decommissioned battleships, and stood in the actual wheel ruts of the pioneers on the Oregon Trail. Do you realize that over one hundred years later, the grass still hasn’t grown over the ground thousands of wagons, animals and humans walked over? You can still follow the same trail as those pioneers did so many years ago.

As I absorbed these different pieces of history, I used to wonder what someone like Daniel Boone would think of jet airplanes, telephones, and microwaves. Would he embrace the new technology, or run and hide in a cave?

Even better, what if you traveled back in time and had to do without those everyday “necessities” we’ve grown accustomed to having in our lives?

In my time-travel novella, my modern heroine has been devastated by her unfaithful husband. She grows a tough skin and moves on, deciding she’s done with men and makes no bones about it. Yet, deep inside, she’s still an old-fashioned girl, longing to be loved by an old-fashioned man. A man who will come and sweep her off her feet, a man with honor and commitment. Unfortunately, she also believes such a man no longer exists.

My hero, on the other hand, finds this modern woman disturbing. Her hair is cut short, she wears indecent clothing, and her brash language is anything but ladylike. Couple that with her absurd talk of being from the future, he wonders if she is insane too. Yet there is a vulnerability about her that draws him in.

To find out how their love spans the barrier of time and they find a way to share a life together, visit The Wild Rose Press or click here.

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So readers and writers, how about you? Do you love to read stories with time travel elements? Do you write them? If so, what early experiences drew you to these stories in the first place? What would Daniel Boone think of airplanes, telephones, and microwaves? What would Ben Franklin think of Facebook? Or Alexander Graham Bell the iPhone? Selena is giving away a hand-made summer ankle bracelet to one lucky commenter. (Due to mailing costs, U.S. only unless Selena says otherwise below). 

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