In The Vicar’s Deadly Sin, Miguelina Perez explores the sin of greed.

Miguelina Perez and I both belong to the Washington Romance Writers group. It’s a fun, active group of writers who write in all of the many sub-genres of romance, including historical romance. I don’t write historical romance, but I love to read it. Maybe it’s because a Regency or Victorian set novel can feel quite otherworldly when compared to our contemporary one. When you read for entertainment and pleasure, all worlds are worth exploring, right? And, the fact is, some themes transcend genre. They are so rooted in the human experience that their presence immediately grounds the reader in the world of the story, making the past, the future, or even an entirely new place, feel familiar. When I heard that Miguelina had based her new series on the Seven Deadly Sins, I was intrigued. The concept of sin is arguably one of humanity’s oldest. I find it fascinating to think that Miguelina’s blog topic is as classic as it comes. Just think, men and women have probably been debating the nature of sin since words were first invented!

Capital Vices, Cardinal Sins & Holy Virtues

The Seven Deadly Sins are also known as the capital vices/cardinal sins that keep a person from God’s grace. The sins are: Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth. These sins along with the Seven Holy Virtues were the moral standards and tests of the early Catholic Church, since early Christian times to educate and tutor Christians concerning Man’s tendency to sin.

In The Vicar’s Deadly Sin, the first book in my “Lady Jane Bartholomew and Miss Margaret Renard Mystery” series based on the Seven Deadly Sins, I created a world where two young friends in 1815 Regency England share dreams, hopes and a love for reading. Fans of Ann Radcliffe, The Mysteries of Udolpho (1794), the young ladies use their wild imagination and a love for solving mysteries to find out who killed the vicar of Dover, because of “Greed.”  “Greed” suggests a desire to gain money or power, especially for personal gain.

To complicate matters, the girls are joined by Sir Hugh Cameron, a British government agent, and Lord Havensworth, Philip Latham, one of Dover’s brightest solicitors, as they try to solve the murder before anyone, including the young ladies, become the next victim. The task, however, proves to be an enormous one as Jane and Margaret go against all that is expected of a young lady in Regency Era society to prove that women are just as capable of intellectual thought as men, even if it means becoming the killer’s next victim.

Miguelina Perez’s second book explores the theme of lust. (Have to say… I love how creepy this cover is!)

Currently, I’m working on the sequel to The Vicar’s Deadly Sin called Angel’s Lust. I’m adding elements of the paranormal as my latest villain lusts for beauty and youth and achieves it temporarily by sacrificing young maidens. In the sin “Lust” there is a fixated, unlawful depraved thought, or engaging in unnatural desirous appetites.

For my third installment, I plan to focus on wrath as my theme. Wrath suggests inappropriate feelings of hatred and anger.

The remaining sins are “Pride” which suggests a desire to be more important or attractive to others, failing to give credit due to others, or too much love of oneself; “Envy is spite or resentment of material objects, accomplishments, or character traits of others, or wishing others to fail or come to harm; “Gluttony” is the thoughtless waste of everything, overindulgence, misplaced sensuality, uncleanliness, and maliciously depriving others and finally, there is “Sloth the lack of interest, idleness, and wastefulness of time. It is believed that laziness is particularly condemned because others must work harder to make up for it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief history of the seven deadly sins and how they will be implemented in my seven book series of the Lady Jane Bartholomew and Miss Margaret Renard Regency romance  mysteries.

More About Miguelina Perez

Miguelina Perez’s Seven Deadly Sins series will be available in November 2012 from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She has a blog called The Regency Inkwell and she’s on Twitter (@regencyinkwell).

Lina, thank you for guest blogging today! Lady Jane and Miss Margaret sound like intrepid young heroines.

Readers and writers, how about you? Is there one particular sin that fascinates you more than the rest? Which vice do you have the most trouble with? Which do you think would produce the most conflict for a character as they wrestle with it? Do you like historical romances? Mysteries? How about cross-genre blends? Are you intrigued by the paranormal elements in Miguelina’s second book, Angel Lust? Do you think the cover is as creepy as I do? 🙂

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