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Jane Toombs has written over 80 books and has been writing since 1973. That’s two books a year for almost 40 years! She’s here today to share why she loves writing stories that have a paranormal twist and to tell us a bit about her latest series — The Underworld. The first two books, Unwise and Unwanted are available now. The third book in the series, Uncanny, will be available soon.

Paranormal Is My Shtick by Jane Toombs

I developed my attraction to paranormal early on.  Perhaps because I first read Poe when I was about seven.  I had no idea what he meant much of the time, but I loved the ambience of his work. Poe’s word choices thrilled me–like “the ghoul-haunted woodland of Weir.”  Okay, I was an odd kid, allowed by my parents to read any book in the bookcase I wanted to.

Like any normal kid I loved to go sledding or ice-skating in the winter, but blizzards or 10 degrees below zero were not uncommon in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. My small town, situated as it is on Lake Superior, got its share of winter inside-reading weather.

So now that I’m an old bat, I’ve returned to my home town.  I still enjoy the area and I never did get over my preference for paranormal.  I write mostly paranormal suspense romance these days, and sometimes sneak a bit a paranormal into other genres, such as historical romance, like Deception’s Bride, newly up at Amazon from Books We Love, Ltd.

I also like to write series such as my Underworld Series published by Eternal Press. The  first two books in this series, Unwise and  Unwanted are already published.  I’m finishing up the third book,  Uncanny,  and there are a few more to go. Unearthly and Undone will be the next two.  And who knows, I may not quit there. This is the first series I’ve ever done where the title of the book came first and the story evolved for me from the title.

Ordinarily I write the story first and then find a title, but in this particular series it was the other way around.  Even in series, I usually do a brief outline of the story before choosing the title. Not so in The Underworld, which is an alternate world connected by a constantly shifting gate to both Earth and other alternate worlds. Uncanny is as much unlike Unwanted as Unwanted is like Unwise. For one thing Uncanny has Wolfen Ridge, where badly deformed dead newborns are left for the wolfen to eat, because the people there believe if you bury a dead, deformed infant it will haunt you forever.  But people are people and sometimes unwanted but alive newborns are left there as well…

This story is about one of them.

Jane is giving away one ebook copy of Deception’s Bride. For a chance to win, comment below. Thank you for guest blogging today, Jane!

Readers, do you have a favorite Edgar Allan Poe line or poem? Have you been to Michigan? Do you like sledding and skating… or surfing and sailing? Writers, how do you start your stories? Has anyone else started with only a title and then the rest of the story followed? For Dark Light of Day, I started with the main character (who she was and what she would struggle with) and the rest came after that. 

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