Suzanne Johnson interviewed me and posted it over at Preternatura today. I talk about favorite books, authors, books that changed my life — and the book I faked reading. Of course, I also share a bit about Dark Light of Day.

Speaking of DLOD, its release is less than a month away and I’m gearing up for a blog tour. I’ll be posting teaser posts here from time to time about what else and where else I’ll be blogging. I know some people don’t particularly care for teaser posts, but I can’t very well post the content I give to someone else here too, can I? 🙂 And I’m hoping you all might help me get the word out.

There will be giveaways during the tour — and hopefully the topics will be interesting. A few of you said you would like to see more posts about my writing process. The upcoming blog tour posts should give you what you asked for. Posts will focus on characters, settings, inspirations, writing first drafts, and more!

As always, THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your continued interest and support!