The Quillery invited me to participate in its 2012 Debut Author Challenge. Participants are encouraged to read one debut novel a month for 12 months. Want to get in on the fun? Click here.

As part of the Challenge, I’m guest blogging there today. My topic?

One of my absolute favorites — post-apocalyptic stories. I divide them into three types.

I also talk about how Dark Light of Day is a post-apocalyptic story… but one that is very different from the rest.

Stop by and tell me if you’re a fan of the genre and, if so, share some of your favorite novels, movies, and/or TV shows. Here’s the link to the article:

A Post-Apocalyptic Novel without Zombies, Robots, Aliens, Dystopia, the Plague or Even a Recent War

Hope to see you there!

* I’m doing another sampler giveaway there, but you can only participate from The Quillery! 🙂