Dark Light of Day is no longer available for pre-order… IT’S OUT!!! BUY LINKS ARE LIVE!!! Woohoo! Since I’m not guest blogging anywhere for a few days, I thought I’d do a post here and then open it up for questions. If you have questions about the path to publication, writing a novel, working with agents or editors, revisions, virtual book tours, etc. feel free to ask me in the comments and I will do my best to answer. Obviously, I’m still learning too, but I’ve learned most of what brought me to this day from other writers so if I can help anyone by suggesting a resource or encouraging you on your own journey, I’m happy to!

Other Cool News

Dark Light of Day’s cover won The Qwillery’s Debut Author Challenge September Cover Wars! With thirteen covers in the running, DLOD had some stiff competition. If you missed any of them, check them out here.Β Thank you to everyone who went over during the contest to check out the covers and vote!

Jill Archer's new urban fantasy novel Dark Light of Day at Barnes & Noble
Dark Light of Day at Barnes & Noble!
(Gotta give a shout out to Alex Hughes’ Clean to the left of DLOD too!)
Urban fantasy Dark Light of Day Noon Onyx
Every reader who grew up in the 80’s has dreamed at least once of having a “George McFly Moment.” Mine was as thrilling and euphoric as I’d always hoped it might be!
Author Milestones
My ticket to ride from nearly a year ago. And what a year it’s been! Champagne marked both of the moments shown in these last two pictures but in between it was lots of rolling up of shirt sleeves and getting down to work. The effort was worth it!