Virtual book tour, book blog
A virtual book tour’s open road is limitless.

The Dark Light of Day blog tour has been terrific. I’ve heard many writers ask whether a blog tour is worth the effort, so for my last post I thought I’d share my thoughts on why this tour was such a great experience.

Goals: What did I hope to accomplish?

For the Dark Light of Day blog tour, I had two goals:

  • Introduce Dark Light of Day and Noon Onyx to as many book bloggers and potential readers as possible in the time I had; and
  • Start getting to know the book blogging community.

Measured by these standards, the tour was a smashing success. I started my tour early, about a month before DLOD came out, because I wanted to take a more leisurely pace and not blog every single day. (My thought, at the time, was that this would allow me to stick to my writing goals, but I’ll admit my word counts have slipped during the tour). It was very important to me that I not repeat content at any stop. I wanted to give every host original material. All told, I wrote sixteen guest posts, completed nine interviews, and attended two in-person events.

Blog Tour Efforts: Too much? Too little? Or just right?

I’ll admit, the blog tour was an extraordinary amount of work. That said, I’ve heard of some authors doing more. Much more. For me, this tour was just right – I wouldn’t have done it any differently. Writing sixteen separate posts about Dark Light of Day allowed me to give readers a much more detailed glimpse into the story than just what they get with back cover copy. I was able to share more about Dark Light of Day‘s characters, settings, inspirations, and even some of my own writing processes. (If anyone missed any of the posts, all the post topics and links are on my “Dark Light of Day Blog Tour” page).

As time goes by, I think an author’s role in providing information to a potential reader so that he or she can make an informed decision about whether or not they may want to read a particular book is only going to increase. I was happy to do it and thankful for the opportunity that each and every tour host gave me to share a bit more about the book.

It was also nice getting a look at each of the blog stops on my tour. What wonderful diversity! Every stop had its own feel and focus. I shared during one interview my thought that, though the comparison isn’t perfect, book bloggers might be the virtual counterpart to small, independent bricks-and-mortar book store managers. Every blog stop had its own community of readers and followers. My virtual tour gave me a chance to “step inside” each of these online book oases, introduce myself and my book, and hear other people’s thoughts on a variety of different things, but all at least tangentially related to a shared love – Books!

After a successful blog tour, what’s next?

Well, more fun stuff, of course! In addition to the Ace/Roc SF/F samplers that I’ve given away at every stop, I’m also giving away some tour-wide prizes (signed copies of DLOD and some eGift Certificates). So those will be awarded. I’m going to announce the winners on my website within the next few days. And then I’ll send out the prizes!

Also, sometime in the next month or so, I’ll have an update on Noon Onyx’s second book. There will be a new cover, new title, and new blurb to share so… stay tuned!

Thank you very much to all of you who have followed this tour, commented on the posts, tweeted the links to posts, and/or posted status updates about it. I’m very grateful for everyone’s support. I’ll have a more detailed list of participants and supporters to thank when I announce the tour-wide prize winners. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Best wishes for a happy Monday! 😀