By now, I’m hoping you know more about Dark Light of Day than you did two months ago. If you’ve been following along on the tour, you know that there were over a dozen guest blog posts focusing on various aspects of DLOD such as characters, settings, and inspirations. I also posted links to numerous interviews where I discussed Noon Onyx or Dark Light of Day.

Still undecided about whether Dark Light of Day is the right choice for you?

Besides the premise, this information may help you. Dark Light of Day would appeal to readers who like urban fantasy set in a richly detailed world told in a youthful, first person voice. The book would appeal to readers who like mixed genre stories. DLOD has elements of fantasy, romance, mystery, legal fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction, even new adult.

If you are still on the fence about whether this book is the right choice for you, I have a few samplers left. If you live in the U.S., you can use my contact page to request one. If you read the first few chapters, it will give you a good idea of whether you would like it (although, of course, many of the book’s best parts occur later ;-)). What do you have to lose? It’s FREE! 😀

Already a fan of Dark Light of Day? Please help get the word out to a larger crowd by doing the following:

1. Talk it up! Tell everyone. Word of mouth continues to be the best way to support a book or its author. If you liked the book and recommend it to just one other person — that is immensely helpful to me!

2. Give it an honest and fair review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads. This will help readers who have similar reading tastes find it. (Your review doesn’t have to be long. A sentence or two can make a big impact in how the book is found online.)

3. If you genuinely liked it, “like” it on Amazon and take a few moments to agree with the search tags (or create some of your own). This will help other readers find it more easily on Amazon.

For more of my thoughts on the Dark Light of Day tour see my last post, “Tales from the Cyber Road.”

Thank You to Everyone Who Participated in the DLOD Blog Tour!

Roxanne Rhoads at Bewitching Book Tours helped me to organize, schedule, and promote this tour. She did a fantastic job of rounding up interested bloggers, making sure they had all the necessary information for posts, and getting the word out about the tour. She also ran the tour-wide contests, which I was grateful for. She sent me the names of the winners today and they are listed below. I also want to thank my publisher, Penguin, for supplying the Ace/Roc samplers that I gave away at each stop and my editor and publicist who also helped to get the word out about some of the posts.

Finally, I want to thank all of the book bloggers and reviewers who hosted me on their sites, posted promotional materials, and/or reviewed Dark Light of Day. Below is a list of blog tour participants, but my thanks goes out to EVERYONE who took the time to check out Dark Light of Day, recommend it, write a review, and/or “like” it on Amazon. Likely you are doing the same thing for other authors and this helps keep our shared passion (books!) alive.

Tour-Wide Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. I very much appreciated all of the comments, tweets, status updates, follows, adds, links and likes. 😀

Here are the winners:

$10 eGift Certificate to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble, winner’s choice, chosen at random from all tour contest entries => Victoria Zumbrum

$10 eGift Certificate to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble, winner’s choice, to be awarded to “the person who brought the most people to the party” => Stella from Ex Libris (Thank you, Stella!!)

3 signed copies of Dark Light of Day, to be sent to the blog tour followers who visited the most stops:

Erin F.

Autumn Nauling

Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

I’ll be e-mailing everyone tonight to collect eGC choices and U.S. mailing addresses so I can send out the prizes!

What’s Next?

I’m currently working on the third Noon Onyx book. And I’ll be doing some future posts on topics unrelated to DLOD. This Saturday, I’m wrapping up my 2012 Fall Into Winter Darkness Book Blast with an interview of Damien Walters Grintalis, author of the horror novel INK due out from Samhain on 12-4-12. And Roxanne Rhoads is scheduling a cover reveal for Noon Onyx book #2 on December 5th. (If you are interested in participating in the one day cover reveal, please contact Roxanne at Bewitching Book Tours). Hope everyone is having a great week!