Mary Hart Perry is kicking off the Spring Into Summer Romance series. Her book Seducing the Princess is a romantic Victorian thriller that officially releases today. She’s here to tell us a bit about it, as well as encourage those of you who love fantasy and science fiction romances to try historical romance if you haven’t already. She’s offering a free Nook or Kindle version of Seducing the Princess to one commenter. Welcome, Mary!

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Fantasy of the past is every bit as gripping as sf, fantasy, and contemporary romance

Thanks, Jill, for inviting me to join you and your readers today and share a few thoughts on books and reading.

Last weekend I drove three hours to Charlottesville, Virginia to take part in the city’s annual Festival of the Book. What a wonderful experience!

Spending the day with the fantastic members of the Virginia Romance Writers and their guests from all over the Mid-Atlantic (and beyond) reminded me of why I write. And specifically, why I write historical fiction. One after another, readers at the festival shared with me their love of stories that help them relax, escape from daily pressures, and venture into alternate worlds and other people’s lives. I write historical fiction so that I can share the delights, terrors, romance, and heartbreak of real people who are very much like my readers and friends.  My characters may be royalty like Princess Beatrice (Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter) in my latest novel, Seducing the Princess. Or they may be the wives and daughters of farmers, doctors, police constables, or booksellers. But they all share with women of the 21st century familiar emotions and needs.

Aside from the emotional attachment we feel when reading or writing historical fiction, there’s the excitement of living in another world. I adore Victorian jewelry, clothing, castles, art, music, and even the wonderful inventions of the era that have become the basis of that playful offshoot of traditional historical fiction–Steampunk. How much fun is it to weave all of this into a story!

I invite readers of all genres to try some of the new historical fiction being written today by many exciting authors. It’s anything but the dry, old history buried in dates and battles and family trees that you suffered through in high school. The characters come to life and share their lives with us in breathtaking adventures. If you already love historical fiction, then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t tried it in a while, give it a chance. I think you’ll be surprised that the fantasy of the past is every bit as gripping and swoon-worthy as the science fiction, fantasy, or contemporary romance titles you so adore.

And if you have a favorite historical fiction title or author, why not share it with us here? Who takes you back in time?

Happy reading!  Mary Hart Perry

More About Seducing the Princess

Mary Hart Perry’s acclaimed series of romantic Victorian thrillers continues with Seducing the Princess, inspired by the life of Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter Beatrice. Painfully shy and lonely, convinced she is unattractive and unloved, the dutiful Princess Beatrice finally accepts that she will never marry and vows to devote herself to the queen in Victoria’s waning years. In fact, her mother has secretly discouraged suitors for Beatrice’s hand. Just when she has all but given up on love and happiness, she meets Henry Battenberg, a dashing nobleman from the Continent who matches wits with the aging Victoria and risks his life and liberty to woo Bea.

But Henry isn’t the only man interested in being welcomed into Beatrice’s bed. The timid princess has become the target of a cruel plot hatched by her nephew, the madman destined to become the last Emperor of Germany. Wilhelm II sends a ruthless agent, a charming Scot, to seduce the naive princess and spy on the queen. How can the sheltered princess hope to fend off a man capable of murder, and perhaps worse, to get what he wants? But Beatrice is not without her own allies–her older sister Louise and Louise’s American soldier-of-fortune and lover, Stephen Byrne. Will Beatrice discover which of the two men pursuing her she can trust, before it’s too late? Drama, romance and peril chase the royal family from Buckingham Palace to a storm besieged castle on the Isle of Wight.

Mary Hart Perry
Mary Hart Perry

Where to find Mary online:

Click here to purchase Seducing the Princess.

Click here to read her post about the first book in the series, The Wild Princess, featuring Princess Louise.

So, readers, who’s your favorite historical fiction author? Do you have a favorite series or title? What do you love about them? What time period is it set in? Do you read both historical romance and sf/fantasy and contemporary romance?

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Thanks, Mary, for guest blogging today! Thanks in advance to anyone who helps us spread the word about the Spring Into Summer Romance guest blog series. You are all awesome! 😀