Last Friday, my family drove up to Philadelphia for the Pink Invitational (i.e. the “Pink Meet” — my youngest is a gymnast). Holy fog! Because temps were high but there was still tons of snow on the ground, we found ourselves driving through clouds to get there. I was thinking about doing a post on how driving through the fog is like writing, but Kimberly MacCarron beat me to it with her terrific post “Writing Through the Fog.” She talks about how driving through the fog and writing a book are very similar and she shares ten tips to help you out if you’re currently feeling lost. Check it out here! (And then enjoy my fog pics below 😀 ).

The pictures were taken by my oldest, btw. (Wouldn’t want anyone to think I was driving in fog and trying to take pictures at the same time!) Has anyone else experienced fog like that? How about when you’re writing? Doesn’t it feel like that’s all you can see sometimes when you’re trying to imagine the next scene?