Sneak Peek Tweet Contest Winner, DNFs, Book Cover Posters, Reviews, Cocktail Napkins, and Movie Quotes!

This is another of those gallimaufry posts. (Don’t you love that word? Am I using it correctly? I’ll confess that I didn’t even know that word until just now. I went searching for a word similar to miscellany and goulash wasn’t doing it for me.) So today’s post: two links to interviews where I discuss stuff like whether I’ve ever DNFd a book, whether I’d ever ask a reviewer to change their review of my work, and what book cover I’d love to have on my wall (the answer may surprise you). I announce the winners of a two recent contests I sponsored. I also share a link to a fantastic review of WHOJ by (she sent me the link) and some slightly silly Saturday night stuff.

Interviews and Review

June 5 Interview


Topics: Reviews, DNFs, and book trailers


June 6 Interview

Fantasy Book Addict

If you could choose one book cover to put on your wall as a poster, what would it be? I also talk about how I came up with Noon’s name.


June 6 review

“With WHITE HEART OF JUSTICE, the Noon Onyx series is now one of my favorite urban/dark fantasy series.”

Contest Winners

The winner of my White Heart of Justice Sneak Peek Tweet contest is @AniaWjcik2. Ania, please DM me on Twitter or use my Contact Page to tell me which fantasy book you would like from Book Depository (up to $10.00) and your mailing address.


The winner of the $25 Barnes & Noble eGift Certificate I was giving away as part of Bitten by Books six-year blogaversary was LISA R. If anyone wants to see a list of all the winners, click here.

Saturday Night

This is the part of the post where I add some nonsense pics just bc I love to add pics to my posts. I’m having a small shindig (is that an oxymoron? all I really know is that I will *not* be serving gallimaufry or goulash 😀 ). My menu and drinks list is set, but YOU can help me decide on my cocktail napkins, entertainment, and favorite movie quote (I told my friends to bring theirs).

If you thought my movie quote choices were a little dark and lacked any on friendship — which is, of course, what a night of getting together is all about — you are right. I was in a rush. Feel free to add your own favorite quote to my list!

Whatever your plans are for tonight and this weekend, best wishes and enjoy!

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Jill Archer

Jill Archer is the author of the Noon Onyx series, genre-bending fantasy novels including DARK LIGHT OF DAY, FIERY EDGE OF STEEL, WHITE HEART OF JUSTICE, and POCKET FULL OF TINDER.

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