So Long Summer!

Labor Day weekend seems like it was 500 days ago and, with September now well underway, idyllic summer feels like a distant memory. My kids have been back in school for two weeks. School year Saturdays just aren’t the same as summer ones. To celebrate (lament?) a return to cerebral pursuits, academic endeavors, and maximum productivity, here’s a round-up of nonsense from the last part of my summer 2014.

Beautiful Bay

Some of you may remember my story about getting towed into the dock Memorial Day weekend… It took all summer, but my FIL was finally able to track down the parts he needed and make necessary repairs. (Yay, Pops!) We were only able to take one boat ride this summer, but it was spectacular, perhaps because it was singular. 😀

Chesapeake Bay MarylandThe Ghosts of Roanoke

My family road tripped to Tennessee again this summer. This year, we stopped in Roanoke, Virginia on the way down. We’ve stopped there before because it’s about halfway, but we’d never stayed in the Hotel Roanoke. It was great! If you find yourself in the area, I’d definitely recommend it. Built in 1882, it has lots of character and history. It’s old but beautiful and there’s a convenient sky walk that you can take over the rail tracks into town. I found the place inspiring so I took lots of pictures. My husband then thought it would be fun to download one of those “ghost apps” where you can edit your pics by inserting ghosts. Later, we tried to convince our kids that the doctored up pics were real, but they were having none of it. Still, it was a hoot. We used Paranormal Activity Booth. One immediate downside was that the spectral additions don’t show up well against anything dark, which is, of course, exactly the type of pictures you want to add ghosts to.

Hotel Roanoke

Have any of you used an app that adds ghosts or other supernatural elements to your photos? Are there better ones out there?

B-17 Bomber Memphis Belle

Labor Day weekend we flew to Ocean City. We took off from our home airport, Martin State, which was hosting a B 17 Bomber, the Memphis Belle, that day. All sorts of people were on site to see it and (for those willing to splurge — flights are $450!) take a ride. I was in the terminal when the Memphis Belle went taxiing by but my oldest managed to take a few pics. Nothing like being snuck up on by a B 17 bomber when your mum’s in the loo. LOL. 😀

Ocean City, New Jersey
Honorable Mention: Cats and Coasters

For fun, figured I’d also throw in a cute cat pic and share what my favorite roller coaster of the summer was:


205 foot, 75 mph drop. We sat in the front and rode it twice. For what it’s worth, we also checked out the newest coaster at Dollywood, the FireChaser Express. My take? Meh. It was okay. My husband and kids didn’t like it at all. It just wasn’t exciting enough, but I get why the park replaced the old Adventure Mountain with the new FireChaser.

Who needs boats, planes, ghosts, or coasters?
Who needs boats, planes, ghosts, or coasters?

Next week, I have a guest blogger and I’ll share 10 things I read or watched this summer that you may want to check out too. Best wishes for the weekend, everyone!

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Jill Archer

Jill Archer is the author of the Noon Onyx series, genre-bending fantasy novels including DARK LIGHT OF DAY, FIERY EDGE OF STEEL, WHITE HEART OF JUSTICE, and POCKET FULL OF TINDER.

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