From now until mid-June, I’m counting down my ten favorite SF/F TV shows – ranking them from least to most. Least favorite doesn’t mean it’s bad though. If it’s on my list, it means I liked it enough to watch beyond the pilot. My thoughts on each are included and, for once, these are SPOILER FREE posts.

10. Witches of East End [witches]: Based on the book by Melissa de la Cruz. Julia Ormond’s American accent is terrible, but I still like her and her character, Joanna Beauchamp. (Since that character is supposed to have lived for thousands of years, why couldn’t Ormond keep her English accent? Why not give the character a brief Brit background or something?? People who know more about this, chime in.) I’m only a few shows in, and I like it, but I have to admit I’m leery of getting too attached. The show was cancelled after two seasons. There’s an online petition underway to bring it back so, who knows, maybe East End fans will prevail the way the browncoats did.

Are you watching Witches of East End? Did you read the book? Don’t you HATE it when stories get cancelled before they are appropriately wrapped up by their creators? 😉