From now until mid-June, I’m counting down my ten favorite SF/F TV shows – ranking them from least to most. Least favorite doesn’t mean it’s bad though. If it’s on my list, it means I liked it enough to watch beyond the pilot. My thoughts on each are included and, for once, these are SPOILER FREE posts.

5. Blindspot [ludicrous “they’ve gone to plaid” FBI agents]: The first show on this list that is NOT BASED ON A BOOK. It’s also technically not SF/F but it’s so unrealistic that it might as well be. But do I love it? Hell, yes, I actually do. The premise of this show grabbed my attention immediately. Naked woman climbs out of a body bag in Times Square covered in tattoos with amnesia. Hahaha. Amnesia – what a cliché. But it works! The coolest thing about this show is that each small piece of the eight gazillion tattoos on her is a clue that will lead this highly improbable FBI investigative team on a trail to take down a criminal or corrupt agent. (Because – didn’t I mention? – Jane, the tattooed Jason Bourne-type lead speaks a dozen languages and is trained in the ninja arts, etc. etc. and SHE WAS ASKED TO JOIN THE FBI TEAM INVESTIGATING HER TATTOOS. Oh, God, it makes me laugh, but it’s great TV). Jamie Alexander plays Jane wonderfully. I gotta admit that I didn’t care for Sullivan Stapleton at first (he plays the male lead and sorta-kinda love interest). He was so wooden. He hasn’t improved dramatically, but he’s grown on me. Craig refuses to watch this show (he can’t stand Weller) but my girls and I love it. Our favorite character is Patterson, who is a female Marshall Flinkman.

Do you watch Blindspot? If not, why not? What do you think about Weller? Who do you think Jane is?