Over the last nine+ days, I’ve counted down my ten favorite SF/F TV shows – ranked them from good to best. Today’s post is my CURRENT FAVORITE. Because 99.9% of you are already watching it, there’s a brief, obligatory description and then I give my SUPER SPOILERY THOUGHTS. If you are one of the 0.1% not watching this show, you’ve been warned!

1. Game of Thrones [epic fantasy]: You had to have seen this coming. 😀

Based on George R.R. Martin’s megabestselling series, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” the show follows the fortunes of at least seven houses and five kings, but there seem to be gazillions of other minor and major houses in addition to the “great” ones, as well as many other pretenders/contenders for the Iron Throne. That’s probably the #1 thing I love about the show – how complicated it is. Keeping track of the houses, characters, backstories, and numerous plot lines keeps me engaged. I’ve often wondered how I can be so fascinated with a society that is completely made up. Fellow fantasy fans, you get it.

The show is not without controversy. It’s been rightfully accused of being misogynistic. Its portrayal of women in past seasons has been pretty horrific. But horrible things have happened to the men on the show too and this season the showrunners seem to be righting past wrongs. (We’ll see if that lasts. Nothing on the show is sacrosanct. Any character can be killed. All atrocities seem to be on the table.)

Thoughts on the most recent episode (S6, E8): Like most viewers, Arya is one of my favorite characters. It’s always interesting to me that characters can be really boring one season and then morph into something exciting the next. Or vice-versa.

(Who remembers the season Jon Snow wandered aimlessly in the snow for what seemed like FOREVER!!! I actually started not liking him during those episodes but now – of course – he’s also one of my favorites. And how about how Tyrion and Varys are now boring? Who’d’ve thought those two ever could be?!)

I had SUCH HIGH HOPES for the House of Black & White. I imagined it to be much more mystical and magical. And yet, at the end of this arc, all we got was Arya doing some Luke-Skywalker-with-a-blast-helmet type training, some fancy stick work, some gruesome face masks, and an out-of-character, likely-against-his-own-faith forgiveness by Arya’s Obi-Wan.

Obviously, my thoughts are a little bit of fan whining, but this is a show that can take it. Hey, it’s my #1 pick. I’m allowed to be objective after having given it the top prize. 🙂

Thoughts on the end game: [massive spoilers!!!]

I’m starting to worry that it won’t be a triumvirate of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and whoever else (Tyrion? Bran? Meera?? And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read some fan theories. They’re almost as fascinating as Martin’s world and backstory.)

But, other than a very bleak no one wins scenario, I have no idea which other character(s) could realistically defeat the Night King and rule Westeros. I predict dire fates for Jamie, Cersei, Ramsay, The High Sparrow, Tommen, and Margery Tyrell. The rest (Brienne, anyone in Dorne, the Hound, the Greyjoys, and Littlefinger ALL seem like non-starters to me, although I love some, hate others, and am completely bored by the Martells since the death of Oberyn).

I hope Sansa gets a happy ending. I’ve always liked her, even in season 1.

Are you watching GoT? Thoughts on this season? Predictions for the end game? One ring throne to rule them all… Will it even exist by series end?