I’ve blogged nearly every day since June 1st. Here’s what I thought of it:

  1. Man, that was hard! And I even had most of the posts written before I started. Of course, things behind the scenes got hectic for me right around the time I ran out of pre-written posts so…
  2. I was unable to actually post once a day. I’ve often wondered if I’d be able to do the A-Z Challenge. Now I know — NO. (But that doesn’t mean I won’t try a modified version of it someday).
  3. My stats went up. I’ve also often wondered if consistently blogging would increase my stats, especially since I don’t overly emphasize follower participation. (Do I love comments? Yes! You bet I do. I don’t think there’s a writer out there who doesn’t love hearing from people who read their stuff. But I’ve actively avoided some practices that encourage more robust follower participation, e.g. offering weekly prizes, discussing politics and/or current events, etc.). I’M GRATEFUL FOR EVERY FOLLOWER AND I’M DOUBLY THANKFUL TO THOSE OF YOU THAT TAKE THE TIME TO COMMENT, but I know you have busy lives. I do too, which is why…
  4. Even though the stats went up, it wasn’t enough to justify blogging every day. And nor do I think you need me to. But I’m curious about your thoughts. There’s a poll below. Please stop by and fill it out if you have time. It’s anonymous and takes less than a minute.
  5. Blogging about TV nearly every day made me feel as if all I do is watch TV, which isn’t true!!! But it did make me realize that I’ve probably been watching more than I should. Summer will be a great time to READ MORE.
  6. Blogging nearly every day about TV made me wonder if Noon fans thought I’d deserted them. Nothing could be further from the truth! Pocket Full of Tinder is currently with a fantastic editor and the cover is 100% complete. I’ll have more details in July.
  7. Blogging nearly every day made me want/need some time off from blogging. I’m not going on a summer hiatus like I did last year, but I don’t plan on posting again until the end of the month.
  8. But I’ll definitely be back! I’ve mentioned before that I follow John Scalzi’s blog Whatever (me and everyone else 🙂 ). He wrote an interesting post recently called “How Blogs Work Today.” Ironically, one of his points was that not a lot of people discuss his posts on their personal blogs anymore, which is what I’m doing here. In any case, though we’re very different writers/bloggers and I’m always cautious about comparing dislike situations, he shared some anecdotal evidence that made me think. I’ve definitely seen a drop in follower engagement since I first started blogging, which is different than traffic. Admittedly, this could be because I took a hiatus from blogging last summer, haven’t published anything since 2014, and/or I don’t encourage robust follower participation. But I also think it’s due to the fact that people simply aren’t blogging as much as they used to. Blogging seems kind of old school when compared to Instagram, Pinterest, and Snap Chat. Today’s casual creators seem to prefer visual and/or short forms. For serious content creators, however, John’s takeaway is worth repeating: GET AND KEEP YOUR OWN BLOG.

So… I’ll be here… on and off… blogging about the things that interest me indefinitely… but not again until June 30th… probably.

In the meantime, take my poll and let me know your thoughts on blogging and commenting in the comments. 😀