To Be or Not To Be: The Inner Struggle of the Superhero by Rose Shababy

Yeah, I know after saying I wasn’t going on hiatus… I kinda went on hiatus — with respect to blogging anyway. It’s because my editor gave me her notes and a marked-up manuscript of Pocket Full of Tinder shortly after Asteroid Day. Since then, I’ve either been working, revising, or driving my kids around to their various summer commitments. My house could use a good cleaning, but I’m ignoring it. At least Tug hasn’t chewed anything else up lately! The garden looks good, although the bees are struggling. Because I’ve neglected this blog in favor of my novel, I pressed Penny and her younger sister into service. Expect some review posts from them, an interesting author interview, another awesome guest blogger, and a more detailed update on my self-publishing journey later this summer. In the meantime, enjoy Rose’s wonderful post…

Rose Shababy’s new book, The After Effect, releases today. To celebrate she’s doing a release day blitz with guest blogs, interviews, and spotlights. She’s also hosting a Facebook party with other authors, games, and prizes. The books are on sale during her blog tour for $0.99 each AND she’s offering a chance to win some great prizes TODAY. Details below. Welcome, Rose!

Rose Shababy, The After Effect, superheroes

“We’ve all watched as the day of the superhero exploded into a pop culture phenomenon”

I never really had a thing for superheroes when I was young. Sure, I watched all the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve, but those films never really drew me in because he always seemed too good, too perfect, and in the end, too unrelatable.

Fast forward a few years to the first time I watched an X-Men cartoon. I was hooked immediately. Here were real people, characters with flaws and fears who struggled with the moral ambiguity that comes with choosing to be a hero. After all, if you have great power, shouldn’t you use it for the betterment of man?

The implication being something that always bothered me: that somehow, you owe your life to society if you have any kind of ability at all. Great scientists must sacrifice their lives in the pursuit of advancement in their fields even if what they really want is to be a dancer on Broadway. Doctors who have a subconscious understanding of the human body must spend their days in painstaking surgery rather than building houses. And so on.

It all stems from the idea that ‘the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or one.’ What a noble concept, at least for everyone else but the person being asked to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Therein lays the moral ambiguity. After all, if you could save someone from drowning, why wouldn’t you? What kind of person stands by and does nothing?

Flash forward another twenty years and we’ve all watched as the day of the superhero exploded into a pop culture phenomenon. No longer belonging to the geeks of the world, suddenly nerd becomes the new cool.

For those of us who were in on it long before it became hip to wear thick glasses and t-shirts sporting superhero logos, it’s a sort of mixed blessing. Sure it’s mainstream now, and suddenly those of us mocked for our hobbies and interests twenty years ago are now trendsetters. But we pay a price. We watch as our personal icons get swallowed up into billion dollar industries, cross marketing everything from soda to fast food to cosmetics.

And the cynicism I felt toward Superman as a young child grows ever stronger as I look for a hero that doesn’t disappoint or sell out.

Until the day I decided to create my own. I mean, it’s a brand new world, right? There’s enough room for a few more heroes, isn’t there? Heroes who are, first and foremost, real people with real problems and real lives.

Like Blue Brennan, the heroine of The Blue Effect. She’s sassy and mouthy with a bit of a drinking problem, not to mention a huge man problem. She’s a torn paper doll who doesn’t give a shit about helping other people. At least, not at first.

Then there’s Kasey Korsak, the wiser than his years leader of the group who maintains a façade of calm and diplomacy. At least, that’s what we’re led to believe until his past catches up with him and everything begins to unravel in The After Effect.

Or Avery Anderson. He’s Channing Tatum swoon-worthy, but his attitude sucks. The only reason he hangs on is because of his decade long connection to Kasey, although his loyalty is pushed to its limits throughout both books. And spoiler alert: he’ll face the greatest test of his devotion to his friends in the yet to be released third book.

Sure, you’ll find heroes in the pages of these books. People with amazing, fantastical powers. Some of them use their abilities for good, and some use them for bad. But you’ll also find people just like you. People who struggle to pay their rent, who get angry at the rotten hand they’ve been dealt, people who can’t even begin to view themselves as anyone’s savior and aren’t afraid to complain a little when they go out and save someone’s ass.

And in the end, I think those are the best kind of heroes.

More about The After Effect

Maximum Ride meets Sin City in the Renegade Heroes series!

Kasey and his friends are fringe heroes. They use their abilities to protect society, until their last battle leaves Kasey almost dead. Disillusioned, they leave the city in search of peace. But peace is the last thing they’ll find. Ever since Kasey escaped the cold fingers of death, his powers have been running wild. It doesn’t take long for his girlfriend, Blue, and the others to notice. In the lush forests of northern Idaho they meet a brand new hero whose shocking revelation sheds new light on Kasey’s strange behavior. And with her revelation comes a terrible solution none of them can accept. Worse still, Kasey soon comes face to face with the nightmares of his past. Will the heroes find the strength to face the consequences of their mistakes? Or will Kasey be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice?

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More about Rose

Rose Shababy and her family reside in eastern Washington State. Rose grew up in the Northwest but swears she’s going to move to warmer climates someday. She’s claimed this for over 20 years, however, and has yet to move more than 75 miles away from her mother.

Rose has a deep love of all things Star Trek and yearns to travel the heavens, as well as an intense desire to be bitten by a radioactive spider. Unfortunately she sucks at science and math so she hasn’t been able bring her dreams to life, instead living vicariously through books, comics, television and film. She hopes to someday make a million dollars so she can afford to buy her way to the international space station, but she’d settle for being able to fly around the world and leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Rose also loves to cook and worked for years in a gourmet Italian grocery and deli where she learned to hone her skills. She prepares culinary masterpieces for her family, but fervently wishes the dishes would wash themselves. Especially now that her dishwashers/children are nearly grown and only one still lives at home.

Rose likes to use her free time wisely. For instance, she likes to daydream, will often read for hours until she falls asleep on the couch with an electric blanket and a warm tabby cat curled up on her hip, as well as spending cozy weekend days watching Syfy movies like Sharknado and Mega Piranha with her husband.

If Rose were a cartoon animal, she’d prefer to be a wise old owl or a sleek and sexy jaguar, but in reality she’d probably be a myopic mole with coke-bottle glasses.

More about the Giveaway

Rose is giving away:

5 –  ebooks of The Blue Effect AND The After Effect

1 – $10 gift card (Amazon or B&N, winner’s choice)

1 – Signed hard copy of The Blue Effect and The After Effect

To enter, click here for the Rafflecopter form. For my complete giveaway rules, click here.

Thank you, Rose, for guest blogging today! Good luck and best wishes for THE AFTER EFFECT!

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Jill Archer

Jill Archer is the author of the Noon Onyx series, genre-bending fantasy novels including DARK LIGHT OF DAY, FIERY EDGE OF STEEL, WHITE HEART OF JUSTICE, and POCKET FULL OF TINDER.

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