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#endofsummer2016: Penny Reviews #Disney’s Backstage Magic Tour

Mid-summer, I admitted how swamped I was with various non-blogging obligations so I asked my two daughters to pitch in and help. E reviewed two graphic novels for me and Penny reviewed the Backstage Magic Tour that we took together during our June trip to Disney World. Since tomorrow is Labor Day — the unofficial end of summer — I figured I’d close the season out with Penny’s post. (A good ending always takes readers back to the beginning. 😉 )

Brief programming note: As many of you know, Pocket Full of Tinder will FINALLY be releasing this December. That means this blog will be in “promo mode” through the fall. I will still have guest bloggers, and may post random stuff from time to time, but many of the posts will be related to promoting my fourth book. My attitude toward promo is to try to make it fun and/or interesting. Even if you started following this blog for reasons other than being a Noon fan, I think you’ll enjoy the posts and links. And, hey, I haven’t promoted anything in two years!!! None of my followers can complain that all I ever do is promote my own stuff. 😀

What’s scheduled so far:

September 15th: Cover Reveal! Almost forty bloggers signed up, which is the most hosts I’ve ever had for a cover reveal. I’m very grateful to everyone who signed up!! I’ll be posting individual links, info about a Twitter contest, and, of course, the cover, in mid-September.

September 19th: Halloween Spooktacular Kickoff! A month and a half long event featuring authors who writes stories with supernatural characters, terrifying tales, haunted homes, witches, vampires, werewolves, demons and more. There will be blog posts, features, reviews, and a multi-author Facebook party (I’ll be hosting on Oct. 19th from 2:00-3:00 p.m. EST), PLUS there’s a spooktacular (sorry, couldn’t resist) giveaway — a Kindle Fire. More details later.

October 22, 2016: HallowRead! I’ll be there. Not 100% sure in what capacity yet, but will bring copies of first three Noon Onyx books to sell and sign, as well as some giveaways for Pocket Full of Tinder (bookmarks, sample chapter booklets). IF YOU’RE GOING TO BE THERE AND WANT TO MEET, PLEASE CONTACT ME.

Okay, enough promo for today! Back to lamenting the end of summer…


Penny‘s Review of

Disney World’s Backstage Magic Tour

The Backstage Magic Tour is an eye-opening, real life look at what goes on behind the scenes in Disney World. With a tour bus of about 30 people, we hit some great sights! I will share my experience, however, I won’t give too much away, because I do encourage any Disney enthusiasts to take this tour themselves, and experience the magic without spoilers. 🙂

We started off at EPCOT, where our tour guide took us behind the scenes of the American Adventure show, which features audio-animatronics. Did you know that the cast members do two run-throughs of the whole American Adventure Show before they even open the show? I thought that was really impressive.

Next we went to see the costume design warehouse, where the cast members hand-make all of the costumes for the characters in the rides. It was really cool to see characters that aren’t being used in the rides anymore. For example, three of the old characters from the Haunted Mansion were on display there. We also got a sneak peek at the material the costume designers used for one of the character’s costumes in the new Frozen ride (Astroturf!).

After that we went to the set design warehouse. We got to see so many things, from cars being painted for the Test Track ride to trash cans being touched up. It was really neat to see how much work the cast members put in to making Disney World special. When we saw how many Christmas lights go on the castle during the holidays, it was amazing. Guess how much electricity all those lights need? Only enough to power two loads in a standard Dryer. Crazy, right?

Then, we went to Disney’s Greenhouse/Topiary Pavilion. It’s where Disney grows all of their topiaries and plants for the Flower Festival at EPCOT, or even just to place around the park. Disney grows some topiaries that take a whopping ten years to grow. I honestly don’t think I would have enough patience to do that.

As we headed to Magic Kingdom, we ran into the Festival of Fantasy Parade, which features all of the characters, including of course, Mickey and Minnie… and a fire-breathing dragon!

Lastly, we went to what I thought was the most secretive place of all. The Tunnels. Yes, you read that right. Disney has tunnels underneath the Magic Kingdom. Have you ever wondered how characters get from place to place so fast? Or why you see them in one place, and then suddenly they pop up somewhere else? The trick is the tunnels. Cast members use them all the time! The tunnels are also a place for the cast members to escape if they want to step back into the real world. Not only is there real world music playing (i.e. not Disney music), but the cast members are able to step out of character and become themselves again for a little bit. We even saw one cast member ride his bike through the tunnel!

I absolutely loved the tour and highly recommend it for all you Disney enthusiasts out there. It really was a magical experience that I will never forget!  °o°

Thank you, Penny, for the awesome review! I had a great time touring with you!!! 🙂

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