Suzanne Johnson: Building New Worlds, Book by Book (#writing #fantasy)

Please welcome Suzanne Johnson, author of the Sentinels of New Orleans series, who’s here to talk about worldbuilding. Her newest book released yesterday — Belle Chasse. She’s also giving away one $50 Amazon eGiftCard and five $10 Amazon eGift Cards. The Rafflecopter link is below. Welcome, Suzanne!

The Sentinels of New Orleans series takes place in a big multiverse….a really big multiverse.

If you’ve been around the series from the beginning, you know that I’ve built the world slowly and deliberately.


In ROYAL STREET, we met the wizards and historical undead and shifters—particularly our heroine wizard DJ and major characters Alex Warin and the undead French pirate Jean Lafitte. We also visited Old Orleans, the “wild west” border town between modern New Orleans and the great preternatural world, the Beyond.

suzanne-johnson-river-roadNext, in RIVER ROAD, we met the water species, particularly the merfolk and merman Rene Delachaise. We also got a brief introduction to elves and were introduced to visiting historical versions of the Beyond.


ELYSIAN FIELDS took us to Elfheim, the ancestral home of the elves, for a brief period, and we learned a lot more about these sneaky devils. Oh, they’re pretty, but don’t let those pretty faces fool you. And we met a subclass of our wizards, the necromancers, as well as the mercenary race of vampires. Yeah, they’re pretty too. And loyal until the money runs out or they get a better offer.


PIRATE’S ALLEY introduced the largest species of preternaturals other than the wizards: the fae, specifically the queen of Faerie, Sabine, and the two princes who are rivals to succeed her to the throne, Christof, prince of Winter, and Florian, prince of Summer. Faeries are, uh, well, a wee bit crazy. We also got a brief trip into the Realm of Vampyre, the ancestral home of the vamps.


And now—yesterday, in fact—we have BELLE CHASSE, the penultimate book in the series. What’s new this time out?

Well, much of the book takes place in the Beyond. We spend some time in circa 1814 South Louisiana. We visit the capital city of Faerie and learn a little more about their magic. And we get to go inside the walls of the Winter Palace. All of the species are at play in this book…and do I need to say that they don’t play well together?

The fae have been a fun species to create. Their magic of Arch and Academy pits science and technology against nature, with only royals possessing both types of magic eligible to take the throne. There is also a population of hybrids where fae possessing one type of magic have played science experiment to try and acquire the other type, with disastrous results.

(You’ll meet Mick, a giant black talking bear with humanoid hands and feet. He owns a bar, of course.)

Civil war is brewing on the charming streets of the Faerie capital, and its outcome will have major implications on the preternatural world war brewing in modern New Orleans. Buckle your seat belts, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

In the wide world of paranormal creatures, what are your favorites?

More about Belle Chasse

Suzanne Johnson’s “strong and intriguing” (Publishers Weekly) urban fantasy series continues with Belle Chasse. The Sentinels of New Orleans series has earned starred reviews from Library Journal (“a resourceful heroine who relies on her magical ingenuity”) and PW (“vivid…a lively tale jam-packed with action, magic, and intriguing plot twists”).

With the wizard-elven treaty on the verge of collapse, the preternatural world stands on the brink of war. Unless former wizard sentinel DJ Jaco manages to keep the elven leader, Quince Randolph, focused on peace and not personal matters.

With no one on the throne, Faerie is in chaos, with rival princes battling for power. The still-undead pirate, Jean Lafitte, is building his own army of misfits, and DJ stripped of her job and hiding in the Beyond to avoid the death sentence handed down by the wizard Council of Elders can’t get anywhere near her beloved New Orleans or her significant something-or-other, Alex.

It’s time to choose sides. Friends will become enemies, enemies will become allies, and not everyone will survive. DJ and her friends will learn a hard lesson: sometimes, even the ultimate sacrifice isn’t enough.

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More about Suzanne

Suzanne Johnson is the author of the award-winning Sentinels of New Orleans urban fantasy series but perhaps is best known for her romantic suspense and paranormal romance books written as Susannah Sandlin, including the Penton Vampire Legacy paranormal romance series, the Wilds of the Bayou suspense series, and The Collectors romantic thriller series. Her awards include two Holt Medallions in 2013 and 2015, a 2015 Booksellers Best Award in romantic suspense, and nominations in 2014 and 2015 for the RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Award. A displaced New Orleanian, she currently lives in Auburn, Alabama. Suzanne loves SEC football, fried gator on a stick, all things Cajun, and redneck reality TV.

The Giveaway

Suzanne is giving away one $50 Amazon eGiftCard and five $10 Amazon eGift Cards. Click here for the Rafflecopter link. Click here for Jill’s complete giveaway rules.


Thank you for guest blogging today, Suzanne!

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Jill Archer is the author of the Noon Onyx series, genre-bending fantasy novels including DARK LIGHT OF DAY, FIERY EDGE OF STEEL, WHITE HEART OF JUSTICE, and POCKET FULL OF TINDER.

4 thoughts on “Suzanne Johnson: Building New Worlds, Book by Book (#writing #fantasy)

  1. Belle Chasse is a terrific read! Great characters, a fast paced plot and lots of surprises will keep you reading until you turn the last page. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Suzanne, Thanks for the world building. We have enjoyed all the stories in The Sentinels of New Orleans series. Belle Chasse is a great read, it really proves the Fae are a little bit crazy. No a lot crazy. Read the book guys you will enjoy the world. More to come…..

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