It’s the one about the Girl Who Was Riding Her Bike… Uh-oh.

I gotta be honest. I wasn’t really up for writing this post. Lots going on in the world, and in the lives of the people I love, that makes me wonder whether blogging here should continue to be a priority… or even on my to do list at all.

We celebrated E’s 13th birthday this past weekend. That’s her new cruiser bike. Warmer rail trail riding weather can’t come soon enough.

In other news:

If you missed it last week, fellow author L.D. Rose interviewed me. She asked me to share something about myself that readers might not know and which of my characters I’d bring to life if I could.

My laptop is showing signs of age. Glitches. Weird messages. Generally crankiness and being an occasional, downright pain in the ass. Feel like I just replaced it… but I guess it’s been a while.

My house is also showing signs of age. It’s not that old, but with the damage done by Tug(g) and annual wear and tear, I think we’ll be forced to do some moderate home improvement this year. I’m meeting two contractors tomorrow to get some preliminary estimates.

So how about you? How was your week? Tomorrow and Wednesday, I’ll post a couple of 2017 Reading Challenge posts. In the meantime, work, write, read, bike… try to be an engine in your life as much as a passenger.