The winner of my March newsletter giveaway is ELISE K. (Elise, you win either a print book from the Noon Onyx series or another fantasy book of your choice from Book Depository up to $10.00. I’ll email you.)

Everyone else who participated (i.e. newsletter subscribers and you awesome people who also tweeted and posted on FB about the Dark Light of Day sale) – THANK YOU!

Anyone else who stumbles across this post who has a better way of picking winners, please let me know in the comments! My current method (printing out newsletter subscribers, adding extra entries, and then cutting each and every one of them into a teeny, tiny scrap of paper to be tossed, salad-like, in a big plastic bowl) results in a fair outcome but probably isn’t sustainable for much longer. Those of you who run contests, how do you pick random winners if you have to add extra “bonus” entries?

Subscriber salad 🙂
I need a new method of picking a winner!

Remember how I was just saying this year was the Winter that Wasn’t? Well, that changed last week. As a send-off to winter and our very late arriving snow, here’s a picture Penny took of the Tug Boat. Happy First Day of Spring!