#WritersLife – 5 Photos: Renee Regent

Renee Regent shares her 5 Writer’s Life Photos below. Enjoy!

The Photos

Something that represents something unique about you

People are usually surprised or fascinated by our pet box turtle, Myrtle. My husband has had her since he was a child, and she runs free in the house. Her favorite foods are eggs, strawberries and pizza! She tells us she is hungry by standing in front of the refrigerator, or in front of the bathroom sink when she wants a bath. She’s way smarter than I ever imagined, and the best pet ever.

Something that represents where you live

I love my house, which sits on 3 acres overlooking a small lake. It feels like we are in the country, but we’re only a few minutes from town (a northern suburb of Atlanta) and can hop on the freeway to go anywhere. Best of both worlds.

Your pet(s) or plant(s) or thing you care for (besides your human family/friends)

In addition to Myrtle, we have three other aquarium turtles and two cats. Allie (top) and Marley (bottom) are total opposites but they get along pretty well. I was never a cat person but Hubby is, and now I can’t imagine not having them.

Something (not someone) that really frustrates you

I have a love/hate relationship with my garden! I love growing my own herbs and veggies to use in cooking, and fresh flowers are so pretty. But I absolutely hate weeding, and last year I battled so many bugs I gave up. But every year I start all over again, full of hope.

Jill: Weeding is definitely on everyone’s minds this time of year. Renee turned this post in before I posted Diane’s (Is Editing Like Weeding?), so she couldn’t have known Diane would pick weeding as the thing that really frustrates her too. Great minds think alike!

Something that brings you joy (besides writing)

Writing is my first love, but I can’t live without music. I have eclectic tastes, so I listen to all kinds of music, but blues and classic rock are my favorites. My husband plays bass, and manages a music store, so I’m around live music often. If writing is the script of our lives, music is the soundtrack.

The Interview

What’s the elevator pitch for your latest published novel?

Single mom Sarah’s secret is no longer safe when two men return from her past.

It’s book three of my Higher Elevation Series, Undeniable, which was released in January of 2017. It takes place in 1986, catching up seven years later with the characters from the first two books.

What are you working on next?

The first book in a contemporary romance series about a widow who is trying to put her life back together when she falls for a much younger man. Things get complicated when her construction company is threatened and a devastating secret is revealed. Will their love survive the odds?

What are you currently reading?

The Prince’s Game by Lexi C. Foss, which is a twist on the reality-show premise. It’s a romantic comedy with plenty of snark and style. It was a nice departure from some of the more serious books I’ve read lately.

What are you currently watching (TV shows)?

My husband I watch TV in the evenings. That’s our time together. We like sitcoms like Big Bang Theory and Fresh Off The Boat, but we also like dramas like Blindspot, Blacklist, and Designated Survivor.

Favorite fantasy creature, villain, or weapon not from your own work?

Ha! I’d have to say my favorite creatures are the Minions.  I love those guys!  Wish I had a few at home.

Biggest challenge facing writers today?

Discoverability. Last summer, I wrote a blog post on it (The Holy Grail of Publishing) and it’s one of my most heavily viewed. There’s no silver bullet though because trends change so quickly. Despite the challenges, however, this is the best time in history to be a writer. We have so many options we’ve never had before.

How can we meet that challenge?

Stay informed. Research, social media, networking, groups, webinars…there are so many ways to find out what might work for you. Be persistent, but flexible, because what works today may not work tomorrow, once the crowd jumps on the latest strategy. It’s a lot of trial and error, but if educate yourself before you try a tactic, you’ll have a better chance of success.

More about Renee

A lifelong entrepreneur, Renee Regent spent most of her life writing for business. But she never lost her love of writing stories, especially romance.  She now writes stories about the power of love─how mismatched people overcome the odds to be together. After all, love can sometimes be found in unexpected places.

Renee lives in Atlanta with her husband, three cats and four turtles. When not working or writing, she can be found sitting on her deck enjoying nature. Wine may or may not be involved….

A member of Georgia Romance Writers and the Georgia Writer’s Association, Renee also loves blogging and sharing her ideas on the business side of being an author, trends in fiction, and tips she has learned in her writing journey.

Website | Newsletter | Amazon | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Thank you for sharing your photos and thoughts, Renee. Happy reading and writing, all!

Published by

Jill Archer

Jill Archer is the author of the Noon Onyx series, genre-bending fantasy novels including DARK LIGHT OF DAY, FIERY EDGE OF STEEL, WHITE HEART OF JUSTICE, and POCKET FULL OF TINDER.

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  1. Thanks so much for the opportunity!  i love how it turned out.  And I did laugh when I saw your post about weeding. 🙂 Renee RegentLove Grows in Unexpected Places http://reneeregent.com Available now- Paranormal Romance series, The Higher Elevation Series- Unexplained ( Book1)  Untouched (Book2) and Undeniable (Book 3) on Amazon, Nook, Kobo and iBooks

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