Kings River Life Reviews Pocket Full of Tinder (#fantasy #giveaway)

Kings River Life is a California magazine with local focus and global appeal. They have a companion site that reviews mystery, fantasy, and horror. A few years ago, they took an interest in the Noon Onyx series, so I sent them a copy of my latest and asked if they wanted to review it. Happily, they said yes. Their publisher sent me the link yesterday and, I have to say, it contains one of my favorite quotes yet:

A good series that isn’t afraid to throw game-changers into the mix. It’s as if Mary Tyler Moore was hired to play Kojak.—Kings River Life

Reading that made me smile. (IMDb describes The Mary Tyler Moore Show as portraying “the lives and trials of a young single woman and her friends, both at work and at home” and Wikipedia says Kojak was “stubborn and tenacious in his investigation of crimes—and also displayed a dark, cynical wit, along with a tendency to bend the rules if it brought a criminal to justice.”) I didn’t watch either showbut it’s nice to have Noon compared to such iconic characters.

What do you think? Have you seen The Mary Tyler Moore Show or Kojak

You can enter to win a print copy of Pocket Full of Tinder by commenting on the Kings River Life Review. While you’re there, check out the magazine. If you like what you see, consider subscribing. A winner will be chosen by March 11, 2017. Good luck, all!

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Thank you to Kings River Life and everyone else who reviewed my latest novel. You all are terrific for taking an interest in the series!

A final, quick programming note:

I know I owe everyone some 2017 Reading Challenge posts. I blame it on February being a short month… and a bunch of other stuff that would take too long to write about and would border on IIO (irrelevant-info-overload – TMI’s less awkward, but more infinitely more boring cousin). I’ll be posting my thoughts on February’s reads and March’s choices very soon, however. Until then, happy reading and writing!