Fiery Edge of Steel Blog Tour


Teaser Posts (Chapter 1)

To help launch Fiery Edge of Steel, I’m doing a six stop exclusive excerpt “teaser” tour. Each of the blog hosts listed below will post a part of Chapter 1. I’m giving away six signed ARCs of Fiery Edge of Steel (US only) and a $25.00 eGift Certificate to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble, winner’s choice (international). The best way to follow the tour is to start at the beginning so that you can read the excerpts in order (links will be added once the posts are up):

May 6th: Part One Fang-tastic Books

May 7th: Part Two Urban Girl Reader

May 8th: Part Three Preternatura

May 9th: Part Four Urban Fantasy Investigations

May 10th: Part Five Rabid Reads

May 11th: Part Six Romancing the Dark Side

Posts and Interviews

I’m also going to be doing some online interviews, a few blog posts, one radio interview and one in person event at the places listed below. Links will be added, as well as a brief description of interview/blog topics, once they are posted. An asterisk means the host is a Bewitching Book Tours Host. I’ll be offering different giveaways throughout (signed copies of Dark Light of Day and Fiery Edge of Steel, as well as eGift Certificates). Details on giveaways will be posted at each site.

May 17th-May 19th: Noon Onyx is participating in Dark Faerie Tales’ Supernatural Smackdown!

May 24th: My Bookish Ways (I discuss what I enjoy most about writing fantasy, share a new favorite author of mine, and talk about which state in the U.S. is my favorite and why)

May 29th: From the Shadows (I finally reveal who I would cast as Noon Onyx and Ari Carmine, as well as newcomer Rafe Sinclair, if the books were made into movies :-D)

June 3rd: Tote Bags ‘n’ Blogs (“The Biggest Danger” — I talk about fortune cookies, wine, and divination tools and share the cryptic “fortune” Noon receives at the beginning of Fiery Edge of Steel)

*June 4th: Frankie Blooding’s Bookshelf (I talk about reviews, what parts of Fiery Edge of Steel were the hardest to write, and communication between readers and authors)

*June 10th: Tynga’s Reviews (I talk about love triangles, whether Noon and Ari will ever get an HEA ending, and whether or not we’ll see more of Peter and Noon’s family in future books)

June 11th: Preternatura (I discuss how the Louisiana swamps and the Mississippi River influenced some of the settings in Fiery Edge of Steel and I share a semi-vintage photo from a swamp tour my husband (then boyfriend) and I took many moons ago, as well as my eclectic collection of fridge magnets. :-))

*June 13th: Cabin Goddess (I share some “dirty secrets” and talk about an unusual pet that I had when I was a kid. There’s also some flash fiction that I wrote for this fun Q&A: “Outta Sight,” a less than 500 word poem written in slightly more than 500 seconds, which was inspired by a childhood toy and “The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry)

*June 19th: Lissette E. Manning (I discuss what makes Noon such a different character, how she feels about being descended from Lucifer’s warlords, and the fact that her refusal to “shoot first and ask questions later” makes her an outsider with her peers)

*June 21st: Vicky at Deal Sharing Aunt (Top three things to know about Dark Light of Day and how members of the Host use waning magic to control demons)

*June 21st: Friday Nights Live Radio Interview with Bewitching Book Tours Radio (30 minute interview with host Kriss Morton from Cabin Goddess. We talk about ALL KINDS OF STUFF. 😀 )

June 24th: Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Chapter of RWA (“Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Day trips for your Muse”)

*June 27th: Marsha A. Moore (Everything you need to know about the Noon Onyx series in 5 questions or less)

June 28th: Paranormal Haven (“Why Didn’t I Think of That?!?!” summer feature)

July 9, 2013: Library of Congress, Science Fiction & Fantasy Forum Lunch Discussion (see flyer below for details)

August 26, 2013: How I Used Divination Tools (and cats!) to Reinforce my Theme

Author Interview on the Penguin Site (I share my thoughts on whether the Noon Onyx series can be considered New Adult fiction or not)

  • NOTE: Due to mailing costs, ARCs and signed copies are only available in the U.S.