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May 20 Spotlight/Excerpt: Butterfly-o-Meter Books

May 20 Review: Happy Tails and Tales “The best so far… I SERIOUSLY CHEERED” (5 paws)

May 21 Interview: Books Direct (What my family thinks of my writing, thoughts on a possible B4, more hints about a future short story featuring new heroine Corelei Neverest)

May 21 Spotlight: Bookin’ It Reviews

May 21 Spotlight: Deb Sanders

May 22 Guest Blog: Magic and Mayhem (Top 5 Cool Things You Can Do With A Sword & Why Heroes and Heroines Can’t Do Without Them)

May 22 Spotlight: Coffee Break

May 22 Spotlight: Cherry Mischievous

May 23 Guest Blog: Christina McKnight (Reinventing the Goddess of Sleep: how I used Caer Ibormeith as inspiration for a new patron demon)

May 23 Spotlight: Shut Up & Read

May 27 RELEASE DAY PARTY! Bitten By Books (Kalisto’s Crystal Palace and Raphael Sinclair’s Wish: I discuss how I created the setting for the “gearing up” scene. My inspirations? Snow globes, greenhouses, guardian angels, London’s Crystal Palace, whether and when wishes should be granted… There’s an excerpt that sheds some light on my Rafe sneak peek tweet and a separate giveaway: a $50 Amazon eGift Certificate.)

May 28 Guest Blog: Night Owl Reviews (Gifts from the Gods: What do rusty gardening tools and 1981’s Clash of the Titans have in common? What the heck is a daisy grubber? Did Noon’s mom really give her “one to grow on” in each book so far?)

May 28 Guest Blog: The Reading Café (The Noon Onyx Covers — discussed in greater detail than ever before! (And there’s a fun, little “ode to covers” intro) + Review! “A must read for fans of urban fantasy and dystopian fairy tales where Armageddon is only the beginning, not the end.”)

May 29&30 Spotlight and Review: What the Cat Read

  • Dark Light of Day (“I loved Noon. She’s feisty, conflicted, [and] rather sarcastic at times…”)
  • Fiery Edge of Steel (“Ah, Rafe… he stole the show in this book.”)
  • White Heart of Justice (“I have to give Archer serious purrs and a tail wave of approval for this one… Action, adventure, romance, humor, suspense, danger, deception…”)

May 29 Guest Blog: SFSignal (What Is It With The Devil and Violins? Come read about The Fifth String, Norwegian fossegrimen, and Fiddler’s Green. BONUS: I share the original titles to each of the Noon Onyx books. WHOJ’s is the best!)

May 30 Interview: CBY Book Club (Wanna know what my very first favorite book was? I also talk about books in my TBR pile: past, present, and future.)

May 30 Spotlight: Melissa Stevens

June 2 review: Tynga’s Reviews “If you’re looking for a new adult fantasy series with exceptional world building, exciting storylines, and strong characters, you need to try the Noon Onyx books.”

June 3 Guest Blog: Preternatura (Lord Lawless and the Festival of Frivolity – how I used Saturnalia and the Lord of Misrule as inspiration for a St. Luck’s winter celebration)

June 4 Guest blog: Addicted 2 Heroines (Noon’s missing tooth. Yep, Noon loses her tooth in Chapter 1. Come read about why I knocked it out and give me your opinion on über heroines: If you could choose only one word to describe your ideal heroine, would it be interesting, relatable, or admirable?)

June 5 Interview: JeanzBookReadNReview (Reviews, DNFs, and book trailers)

June 6 Interview: Fantasy Book Addict (If you could choose one book cover to put on your wall as a poster, what would it be? I also talk about how I came up with Noon’s name.)

June 6 review: Leeanna.me “With WHITE HEART OF JUSTICE, the Noon Onyx series is now one of my favorite urban/dark fantasy series.”

June 9 Spotlight: 3 Partners in shopping, Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too!

June 9 review and interview: Babel at Tower of Babel

  • Topics: Am I a pioneer of New Adult Fantasy? I also include a message for Spanish and international readers.
  • Review: “This book is a homage to Noon’s independence…. With a quirky sense of humour and [fantastic] worldbuilding, White Heart of Justice delves deep into a quest of magic, freedom, redemption and love.”

June 10 Spotlight: On the Broomstick

June 10 Spotlight: Fang-tastic Books