Nerd Quilts! Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Disney Villains, and more… made by Author/Quilter Susan Marshall

Today’s guest is author/quilter Susan Marshall. She makes one-of-a-kind quilts with novelty fabrics. Basically, if your favorite thing has an associated fabric, she can make a quilt for it. For those of us that love to burrow on our couches under blankets while we marathon movies and shows, this post is a MUST READ! Welcome, Susan!!

Doctor Who Quilt by My Nerd Quilt, Susan Marshall
Susan’s MyNerdQuilt Shop on Etsy:

I accidentally stumbled upon Jill’s blog because I thought she’d written a book that I loved but it was actually someone else.  Despite the fact we had a missed connection after checking out her blog I immediately subscribed.  At the time I’d just started writing and loved her blog because it helped me not feel alone in my struggle to write everyday. Like my own blog, Jill likes to promote her books but also talks to other authors about their own books.  There’s so many books out there I love when other authors support each other by shining a light on their hard work.  She makes a point to write interesting posts about the craft of writing and fun stuff about her life.  Over the last two years her blog has helped me on more than one occasion when I was blocked or feeling down.  She’s an inspiration to us all to spread positivity and it will come back to you.  Thank you, Jill!!*

At the ripe age of 48 I published my first book Instant Connection which is now almost two years since it was first published.  Over the last two years I suffered some writers block and some financial issues that kept me from writing as quickly as I would have wanted.  Luckily with the support of my friends and fellow writers I’ve pushed through.  My goal is to publish two books this year and with one at the editors now, it might just happen.  If you’d like to learn more about my writing and me, check me out on social media (links below).

Other than being an indie romance writer, my crafting focus is quilting. My love of sewing started when I was 9 years old and my mother forced me to take sewing lessons.  When I say forced, she only had to force me to go to the first time and after that I loved it.  I won blue ribbons on my sewing projects in 4-H and got great satisfaction out of making pretty things for others.  As I got older and busier as a teenager I stopped sewing and crafting.  Boys became more important.

Disney Villain Quilt, My Nerd QuiltNow that I am older, I have started to sew again making quilts for friends and family for special occasions or just for fun when I was inspired.  My day job allows me to work from home as an events consultant in the video game industry so I am able to work it into my day.  Late last year I found myself in need of a new revenue stream as I lost a valued client, so I started to think about what I could do to earn extra cash.

I started selling vintage jewelry on Etsy and I really enjoyed my experience so I found myself wandering the isles of Jo-Anne Fabrics looking for inspiration on a new project and saw all of this Star Wars fabric.  As a self-professed nerd who attends Comic Con almost ever year, I was inspired like I’d been hit with a light saber.  My store is called My Nerd Quilt, which was inspired by my love of all things Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and more.   When I started to do research about available fabrics I got more excited because there were loads of cool fabrics. When I looked further I found there wasn’t anyone turning them into bespoke quilts.  I’ve settled into my niche and work hard every week coming up with new quilt inspirations.  I use faux fur, satins, fleece and flannels to make them soft and perfect for cuddling on your sofa to binge watch Netflix.  All the blankets are all machine washable. Check out my customer have to say about my quilts on my Etsy reviews.

Over the Christmas period I sold out of stock because I got a mention on the Nerdist podcast.  One mention on that podcast has given me great sales and some pretty cool special orders.  I love making special orders for quilts that you might not see on my site.  Recently I finished two king-sized Star Wars inspired quilts for two young girls’ birthdays in England.  Over the holidays I made special order Sherlock, Doctor Who and a limited edition vintage Star Wars fabric quilts.

This week I added a new type of quilt, a nerd quilt for your dog.  These quilts are for small to medium-sized dogs so you can put it on their beds for added warmth or your sofa to protect your furniture. 

Star Wars, quilt, dog blanket
Your Dog Deserves a Nerd Quilt Too!!!

My artistic gene is something I gladly inherited from my mother, as she was a painter, jewelry maker, and interior decorator.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t inherit her skinny legs or exceptional metabolism.   Every day I am making these quilts as it feeds my artistic nature when I am unable to write, both of these bring me joy and help me to honor her memory.

Check out my quilts and feel free to contact me if you’d like to special order a quilt.

Where to Find Susan & Her Jewelry, Quilts, and Books

My Nerd Quilt on Etsy | My Nerd Quilt on Facebook | My Nerd Quilt on Instagram | @MyNerdQuilts on Twitter | My Antique Jewelry Shop on Etsy

Susan’s Website | Susan on Facebook | Twitter: @marshall_sl | Instagram: marshall_sl

Instant Connection: Amazon | Nook | iTunes

*I was so surprised and grateful when Susan first reached out to me to say how much she appreciated some of the writing posts I’ve shared here. Sometimes I worry, because I’m still relatively new at this writing/publishing gig, that I don’t have any super useful or awesomely valuable tips for fellow writers. But then I remind myself how much I’ve enjoyed reading other writers’ posts about all sorts of stuff. Writing tips, sure. But also just stuff about the day to day. Successes and challenges, both big and small. Lots of headwinds in our industry — but better to be in the midst of a maelstrom with friends than alone on a calm sea, right? 😀 🙂

I saw on Facebook that Susan just finished a Frozen and Game of Thrones quilt. Lots of awesome possibilities for Nerd Quilts!! Please go check out her Etsy shop.

Susan, thank you for the wonderful guest post!

p.s. To those of you who are celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend, have a happy one!

p.p.s. I bought my husband and older daughter MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING for Christmas. She’s taking French and they both love to cook WAY MORE THAN I DO. Told them all I want for Mother’s Day is for them to make me something from it. No Julie & Julia year-long project. One day. One meal. Will report back. If the weather’s nice, we may just go for a bike ride. Because I’m starting to feel like we Northeasterners are actually living on Venus in Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer in a Day.” Double-triple-quadruple aside, you know they are STILL assigning that story in middle school and asking kids to write a short story about what happened to Margot next? Can you believe I got a “C” on mine when I was a kid?!!! >:-(