Words Books and Miles Update + Happy Halloween!

At the beginning of this year, I mentioned that I would track my success by the number of words I write, books I read, and miles I travel. The year’s nearly over, so how am I doing?

Words — not as well as I would like. I shared in my newsletter that Noon #5 will be pushed back until 2018. That was never my plan. After not publishing anything in 2015, I swore I’d never go a year without publishing anything again. But… life, you know.

Books — around 28 so far, although that includes a handful of picture books and doesn’t include the myriad non-fiction books I’ve skimmed while working at the library (way, way, way too many to list, among them Neil Gaiman’s The View from the Cheap Seats and, most recently, How Art Can Make You Happy, which seemed like the art version of The Little Book of Hygge meets Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Miles — Biking? Unfortunately, less than 100. Hiking? Even less. Flying? Craig and I played hooky one day this fall while Penny and E were at school. We flew down to Cape May, had lunch at the Blue Pig, checked out the Washington Street shops, bought a stack of books at the Cape Atlantic Book Company (including Ken Follett’s A Column of Fire and Life After Life by Kate Atkinson), and watched the gulls take flight. Distance from MTN to WWD: 83.56 miles.

Back in September, I flew from BWI to DTW (408.08 miles) and then drove another 204 miles to hang out in a beautiful, peaceful lakeside cottage with friends. I read Black Rabbit Hall there, which seemed fitting because the book was set in Cornwall and — in my imagination anyway — the shores of Lake Huron = the shores of the Celtic Sea, right? ;-D More on that trip and that book later.

Looking further back, I’m going to throw in the miles from our annual road trip to Tennessee (540.4 miles) for a grand total (so far) of 1,236.04 miles.

So, how about you? How many words have you written in 2017? You know, NaNo‘s starting tomorrow. November’s a great month to catch up on your WIP.

How many books have you read? Anything recent that you want to share?

How many miles have you hiked, biked, walked, ran, traveled? Commuting miles don’t count because where’s the fun in that? 😀

Best wishes for a safe & happy Halloween!!